A 15 day guide and journal experience 
to help you build inner strength, accept yourself and thrive at life!

“I have experienced years of self doubt, negative self image, and a lifetime of insecurity. 
Throughout my life I have searched for a way to overcome such mental anguish. 
Brittany's Self Compassion Workbook did that for me.”

Are you ready to build 
inner strength and thrive?
“Finding true compassion for myself has transformed my deepest darkest thoughts into powerful words of encouragement. Thank you Brittany!”
15 minutes a day for 15 days can help you get what you want out of your life
In just 15 days this workbook will help you:
  • Replace harsh self-judgments with self compassion
  • ​Break free of impossible standards
  • ​Cultivate emotional resiliency and handle difficult emotions
  • ​Add exercises and tools to your day to practice healthy mentality
  • ​Make action plans for dealing with everyday emotional struggles
  • ​See your weaknesses as opportunities
  • ​Learn how self compassion can help your family, not just you
  • ​Give you skills to replace the negative inner voice--skills you can teach to your family
  • ​Learn tools that will help you overcome perfectionism and self-negativity
  • ​Find motivation to be the person you want to be

I’m Brittany and I am a reformed self critic.

I wanted to be the best me and I thought that couldn’t happen unless I was critical of myself. I was wrong! 

Being critical not only hurt my relationship with myself but it wounded my relationship with my loved ones, including my husband and children. 

Self doubt ate at everything that I did. I lived my life in survival mode. 

I desperately wanted to feel alive and believe in myself but I didn’t know it was possible and I certainly didn’t know how. 

Fast forward several years, now I not only know that it is possible, but I know how to do it. I have learned to love myself, believe in myself, and be compassionate towards myself and the people around me. I wrote this workbook to help women like me!

If I can do it you can too!

Build your inner strength through self-compassion.
It probably sounds odd that learning self-compassion, acceptance and love toward self builds strength. But hundreds of studies show it does. Every time. 

Self compassion is seeing ALL of yourself and accepting ALL of yourself. It is the ability to turn understanding, acceptance, and love inward. It is being kind to yourself instead of critical. It is understanding you are not perfect—and thriving because of it.

Are you...

  • Harder on yourself than you are on others?
  • Holding yourself up to impossible standards?
  • Hoping that 2020 can be the year you become mentally strong?
  • ​Viewing your weaknesses as downfalls?
  • ​Having a hard time handling difficult emotions?
  • ​Looking for action plans to deal with everyday emotional struggles
  • Speaking to yourself in a negative way?
  • A self critic?
  • A perfectionist?
  • ​A control freak
  • ​Full of anxiety?
  • ​Hoping to find motivation to be the person you want to be?

If this sounds anything like you, then...

I’ve put together this workbook to teach you all the tools that lifted me into a life free of guilt, shame and perfectionism. 
You can be strong where you feel weak! 

Motivate yourself with kindness
rather than criticism.
You need self-compassion to help you accept your failures, move past them, and try again. Self compassion builds resilience.
Self compassion will help you navigate anxiety, self judgement, insecurity and depression.
Here is what women 
are saying about the workbook:

I have experienced years of self doubt, negative self image, and a lifetime of insecurity. Throughout my life I have searched for a way to overcome such mental anguish. Brittany's Self Compassion Workbook did that for me. I developed the necessary tools to conquer feelings that have kept me from the inner peace I desired. Finding true compassion for myself has transformed my deepest darkest thoughts into powerful words of encouragement.

I feel incredibly grateful to be able to participate in the new Self Compassion Workbook by Brittany Crane. I appreciate her honesty and vulnerability. I love how in the workbook there is not only some of her experience, strength and hope, but helpful research, podcasts and videos to give me the tools I need to achieve a more compassionate life for not only myself, but others around me. 

Brittany’s workbook is incredible! 
She teaches practices that are practical and do-able and really are something that can be used in every day life. I have been able to work through some hard things using the tools from this workbook! I would highly recommend it!
The workbook really helps you dive deep and get thinking. Brittany helps you work through blocks, journal and really get to know and understand yourself a little bit more. I would gift this workbook to any woman.
Over the last 5 years I have worked on self compassion because I was lacking it for most of my life. After taking the time to do the exercises I gained so much more self compassion then I thought I could. I believe this workbook is a wonderful tool for anyone. I look forward to purchasing workbooks for my family and friends as gifts!

"Change your thoughts. 
Change your life."

Wayne Dyer

The Schedule

  • Day 1: What is self compassion?
  • Day 2: Recognizing Emotions
  • ​Day 3: Mindfulness
  • ​Day 4: Stop Resisting
  • ​Day 5: Practicing Acceptance
  • ​Day 6: Reframing
  • ​Day 7: Identifying your critical voice
  • ​Day 8: Identify your voice with others
  • ​Day 9: The Difference
  • ​Day 10: Forgiving Yourself
  • ​Day 11: Feeling the change
  • ​Day 12: The mediation tool
  • ​Day 13: Identifying values
  • ​Day 14: Your Worth
  • ​Day 15: Mindset
“A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life.”
Christopher K. Germer
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