The FIRST Woman’s Club to Harness the Outdoors 
to Transform Self-Doubt into Confidence
Brittany Crane
Get Out There Girl Founder
A couple of years ago I had an experience that reminded me that I had one life and I needed to live it. I started doing things I loved more. I stopped telling myself no and making up excuses for why I shouldn’t do things for me. Doing things I loved made me feel alive. It helped me be present and live mindfully. I really started thriving at life. I’m a better wife, mother and person because of self compassion, adventure and the connections I make with others. 

I want you to thrive at life too. Start believing in yourself, investing in yourself and empowering yourself to live your best life. 

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  • GOTG specializes in bringing women together in nature to connect and bond while adventuring in a safe and judgement free atmosphere.
  • ​​Our retreats provide everything you need to go on an adventure. We plan the trip and even send you a packing list. You simply show up and create memories. 
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